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2020 - 2021 Flu Shot Information

Go To Work, Catch the Flu?

A recent study conducted by Emory University economists says that you are more likey to catch the flu standing around the water cooler at work, than in the unemployment line.^ For years the main thrust of flu vaccination campaigns has focused on the very young and the elderly. However, the new best practive is to focus on working adults. Worlplace flu clinics make good business sense. The flu shot is offered at a convenient place and time, requiring little or no travel. Consider the following:

  • U.S. companies spend almost $8 billion in paid sick leave annually, which equals about 70 million missed workdays.*
  • On average, people with the flu miss three to five workdays.
  • Due to fear of lost wages, more people today come to work sick, even though their productivity drops by 50 percent and they risk infecting coworkers.
  • On average, unscheduledd absences cost employers $586 for every employee annually.

Vaccination is the first line of defense against the flu. The goal of Health & Wellness 2 Go is to promote wellness in the workplace and stop the spread of illness by providing education, support and access to flu vaccines.

If you think you're too busy for a flu shot, keep reading!

In our fast-paced culture, precious few of us have time to get sick — especially since time away from work can mean lost productivity and wages. Between working, caring for our families and carving out a few hours each week for leisure activities, no one can actually afford to come down with the flu — especially if they have a choice. Flu season starts in October and lasts until March, but can continue into spring. Schedule time now to get your flu shot.


^ Are Pink Slips Better Than Flu Shots? The Effects of Unemployment on Influenza Rates, accessed at

* As reported in Disability Law News, "Stay Home From Work?," January 2006.

Senior Living Facilities

More than 200,000 hospiutalizations occure each year as a result of saonsonal influenze. In some years, as many as 50,000 people die from seasonal flu, about 90% of these deaths are in older adults.

Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, active adult communities, and other senior environments face a severe threat from the flu virus. The social, interactive envirnoment of a senior community allows this contagious virus to spread quickly, making immunization a necessary precaution.

Through a partnership with Health & Wellness 2 Go, your facility can host a flu vaccine clinic that is hassle-free for your staff, while providing this very important service to your residents.

Community Organizations

Your organization can join the many other health departments, faith based organizations, corporations, retailers, and senior citizens that host on-site flu shot clinics in their communities. Together with Health & Wellness 2 Go, you can provide members of your local community access to this much needed preventative service. Contact us today to find out how.

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